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Cloning a Site

Cloning a site creates a separate WordPress instance that looks like the original one but doesn't share any of its files or database tables. Making changes in the clone doesn't affect the original site in any way, until those changes are merged back.

The 'clone' command

Currently, the cloning functionality is exposed via a WP-CLI command. You need to have WP-CLI installed and working on your machine.

Cloning is started from the root of the site by executing the vp clone command. In its simplest form, it only needs the --name parameter:

wp vp clone --name=staging

If the site was C:\www\mysite and it was served as http://localhost/mysite, the command did the following:

  • Created a new folder C:\www\staging and cloned the site files there
  • Created database tables prefixed with wp_staging_... and filled them with data
  • Made the site available at http://localhost/staging

The original site also stored a named reference to the clone so for instance, you can later pull from the clone by executing a command like wp vp pull --from=staging.

The URL and database settings are all configurable so for example, you could run the command like this:

wp vp clone --name=staging

Full help is available by running wp help vp clone.