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4.0-beta Release Notes

Building on 4.0-alpha1, this beta brings user-editable plugin definitions, better stability and support for WordPress 4.7 & 4.8.

Released 9 July 2017. Announcement blog post.

Developer Preview

Developer Preview is a period during which VersionPress is reasonably stable but still young, limited in scope and external backup is recommended at all times. Learn more.

Notable changes

  • For plugin definitions, the WP_CONTENT_DIR/.versionpress/plugins/<plugin-slug> location is now supported and actually preferred #1176
  • Filterable action priorities #1232
  • Support for serialized arrays inside serialized arrays, a.k.a., inception #1234
  • Most actions now use the verb 'update' rather than 'edit' #1120
  • Schema updates for WordPress 4.7 (#1164) and 4.8 (#1217)
  • Fixed many bugs reported in 4.0-alpha1
  • Updates to based on feedback (current state)
  • Dockerized development environment and tests #1041
  • Both backend and frontend dependencies updated after a while
  • We've adopted GitHub projects to manage the development process
  • 'Developer Preview' is now used instead of 'Early Access' #1201
  • Docs have been merged into the main repo (used to be versionpress/docs) #1218

See all 120+ issues and PRs resolved in 2.0-beta or the GitHub project.

Upgrade notes

To upgrade from 4.0-alpha1 and earlier, uninstall (delete) the previous version and install again.

System requirements

  • WordPress 4.8+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Git 1.9+ (2.13 or newer recommended)
  • proc_open() enabled