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Release Notes

The current release is 3.0, released on 28 Apr 2016, and it is an Early Access release. VersionPress can be obtained via the main site.

Release versioning

VersionPress releases are marked so that it's easy to understand what to expect of them. Here is a couple of rules we follow:

  • VersionPress generally bumps a major version with every release, so while WordPress uses a sequence like etc., we generally use etc., similarly to modern web browsers.
  • Minor releases, e.g., 4.1, with minor feature changes can happen but we generally aim to avoid them.
  • Patch releases use the third segment of version identifier, e.g., 4.0.1. We aim to avoid them too :-)
  • Preview versions are marked with labels like 4.0-alpha1, 4.0-beta1, 4.0-rc2 and similar. Pre-release names have their well-defined meaning:
    • Alpha means that we are not feature complete yet and that there will be bugs, possibly even severe ones. Never use an alpha release on a production site, with production database or generally with any data that you care for.
    • Beta means most if not all features are complete and the stability is quite good, however, running such version in production is still strongly discouraged.
    • RC (Release Candidate) is close to the final / stable version.

Versions are compared and ordered by the same rules that semver uses – versions with two segments assume the ".0" at the end so 1.0 is effectively the same as 1.0.0.


See roadmap here.