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1.0-alpha2 Release Notes

Quickly following alpha1 to add support for some development stacks on Mac OS.

Released on 04-Sep-2014.

Warning: This is an alpha release

Alpha releases are strictly for testing purposes only, may break your site, destroy your data or the whole planet. Never use in production, with production data or with an existing Git repository.

Release overview

Our alpha users on Mac OS reported a bug in DesktopServer, a popular MAMP stack, that this release fixes. It adds very little on top of that.

Highlights of the release are:

  • DesktopServer on Mac OS and other popular MAMP stacks supported. There is a bug in some of the favorite development stacks built on XAMPP on Mac OS. We added a workaround that allows VersionPress to run on such stacks until they fix the bug themselves.
  • Table prefix other than wp_ supported. Our code was prepared for custom prefixes from the beginning but we forgot one instance in 1.0-alpha1 where the wp_ was hardcoded.
  • Other small fixes and improvements, e.g. an update to the alpha warning in the header (does not use problematic WP thickbox any more but rather a Bootstrap-like popover). Nothing major.

Usage notes

System requirements for this release are:

  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • WordPress 3.8 or later
  • Clean installation of WordPress (you can then try to install some simpler 3rd party plugins but this whole area is quite volatile at the moment)
  • Git 1.9 or later (earlier versions might work but are not tested)
  • proc_open() enabled

Known issues

Same as in 1.0-alpha1 apart from the fixes described above.