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1.0-alpha3 Release Notes

Adding proper support for some of the core features like theme versioning, manual edits via web-based editor etc. Also, it has been decided during this release that the sync functionality will be pushed for v2 of the product which should make this third alpha the last one - next scheduled release is beta1.

Released on 30-Sep-2014.

Warning: This is an alpha release

Alpha releases are strictly for testing purposes only, may break your site, destroy your data or the whole planet. Never use in production, with production data or with an existing Git repository.

Release details

Highlights of the release are:

  • Theme updates tracked properly. VersionPress now understands what theme changed, what kind of change was done to it etc. which means that all the change messages are much more useful.
  • Plugin uninstalls tracked. They were missed by VersionPress previously.
  • Changed done by file editor in the admin area tracked. Dtto.
  • VersionPress uninstallation keeps the Git repo in a backup location now. We changed our approach to this a couple of times already and hopefully this is the last one. The issue is that plugin uninstallation should remove everything that the plugin ever created but on the other hand, Git repo contains useful data and it could even be created by the user before VersionPress was installed (we have no good way to detect this). So as a middle ground solution, we move the Git repo to a backup solution now for where it can be easily restored, downloaded or removed.
  • RequirementsChecker checks for the absence of db.php. The current version of VersionPress only works in environments that doesn't have any custom wp-content/db.php yet.
  • Other minor changes to e.g. get rid of some unhelpful commits.

Usage notes

Note: we've lowered the required Git version to 1.7 as it should work just fine but we're actively testing VersionPress only on 1.9+. The db.php dependency has also been documented and added.

System requirements for this release are:

  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • WordPress 3.8 or later
  • Clean installation of WordPress (you can then try to install some simpler 3rd party plugins but this whole area is quite volatile at the moment)
  • Git 1.7 or later (earlier versions might work but are not tested)
  • proc_open() enabled
  • No existing wp-content/db.php file

Known issues

  • Some theme customizations create two commits instead of one