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Some technical aspects of VersionPress can be configured by defining constants in wp-config.php or using an associated WP-CLI command. Furthermore, VersionPress introduces a wp-config.common.php file that is required by wp-config.php and stores common (shared) configuration.

Local vs. shared configuration

Most of the constant in wp-config.php are local, specific to a given environment. For example, database connection needs to be different on staging and production sites. Because of that, VersionPress omits wp-config.php from version control, however, some options should – or even must – be shared. For example, WP_CONTENT_DIR or WP_PLUGIN_DIR must be shared as the site structure needs to be the same on all environments.

To support this, VersionPress 3.0 introduced a wp-config.common.php file which is version-controlled and require'd by the built-in wp-config.php file. The whole system looks like this:

wp-config.php (comes with WordPress, .gitignored):

include_once __DIR__ . '/wp-config.common.php';

define('DB_NAME', 'dbname');
define('DB_USER', 'dbuser');
// etc.

wp-config.common.php (created when VersionPress is activated, version-controlled):

define('WP_CONTENT_DIR', 'custom_dir');

You can define all the common WordPress config constants in these files (e.g., WP_DEBUG, AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL and others) but VersionPress also comes with its own config constants.

VersionPress config constants

The constants below influence some technical aspects of how VersionPress works. You should not typically need to update them but if you do, we strongly recommend using a WP-CLI command wp vp config to do it. For example, to set a custom Git path, run:

wp vp config VP_GIT_BINARY '/custom/path/to/git'

This will work if you have WP-CLI installed and VersionPress activated.

Below are listed some of the supported constants. To get an always-up-to-date list, run wp help vp config.


Default: git
Configuration file: wp-config.php

By default, VersionPress calls just git which leaves the path resolution up to the operating system. That might be problematic on some server configurations which use different PATH for different users (the web server user might not be the same user under which you are logged in), there might be some PATH caching involved, etc. If VersionPress cannot detect Git for some reason, use this option.


Default: wp
Configuration file: wp-config.php

Absolute path to a WP-CLI binary, analogous to VP_GIT_BINARY.


Default: WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/vpdb'
Configuration file: wp-config.common.php

By default, VersionPress saves all its content into the vpdb directory under WP_CONTENT_DIR. You can change it by setting this constant. VP_VPDB_DIR must be under the VP_PROJECT_ROOT.


Default: ABSPATH
Configuration file: wp-config.common.php

By default, VersionPress creates the repository (and the .git directory) in the ABSPATH directory. If you move WordPress into its own directory, you have to define this constant to point to the original ABSPATH location. For example, if you have the site at /var/www/my-site and you move WordPress into /var/www/my-site/wordpress, the VP_PROJECT_ROOT needs to be set to /var/www/my-site (where the .git directory is).