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This page lists supported, unsupported and partially supported plugins. For a general overview of how 3rd party plugins are handled, please see the integrations page.

General notes

There are three general categories of plugins when it comes to VersionPress:

  1. Plugins that work just fine. This is when the db operations are relatively simple, for example, updating some site option will be captured and understood by VersionPress fine.
  2. Plugins that work, technically, but the messages are not very helpful. For example, if an e-commerce solution uses some custom post types and actions, you will see something like "Updated post of type 'product'" while the actual action could be much better described as "Purchased product xyz".
  3. The plugin isn't supported at all. This can happen for example when the plugin uses its own database table or does non-standard things.

Supported plugins

Plugins that are known to work fine, or very close to that, are:

  • All plugins that don't manipulate the database. Many plugins fall into this category, from scripts for adding Google Analytics to a page to various filters and smaller helpers.
  • Hello Dolly :-)
  • Akismet
  • ACF

Unsupported plugins

Those that have custom database tables. No specific list at the moment.

Partially supported plugins


Jetpack is actually a collection of plugins, most of which work fine. Some sub-plugins are of category 2 above, i.e., the actions are technically tracked but the descriptions could be improved.