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1.0-rc1 Release Notes

Preparing for the 1.0 release, this is the first Release Candidate. The changes compared to 1.0-beta2 are relatively minor.

Released on 15-Jan-2015.

Note: this is a preview release

Release Candidate means that it contains all the planned features for the release and that the stability is quite good. However, not all items on our task list are checked yet so still still qualifies as a preview release.

Release details

Highlights of this release are:

  • Spam / "unspam" comment actions.
  • Switching a theme now creates single commit only.
  • Maintenance mode is used during some longer-running VersionPress operations. WordPress uses similar technique during e.g. upgrades.
  • Installation now checks write permission in the whole WordPress installation folder – it used to check wp-content only.
  • The can_compress_scripts and dashboard_quick_press_last_post_id options are now ignored from version control.
  • Internal code reorganization – PHP 5.3 namespaces used throughout the code.
  • GPLv2 or later license is now properly denoted in plugin metadata
  • Various bug fixes.

Usage notes

System requirements for this release are:

  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • WordPress 3.9 or later (latest release recommended)
  • Git 1.9 or later (next release will probably relax this to 1.8)
  • proc_open() enabled
  • No existing wp-content/db.php file

Upgrade from previous versions

From 1.0-beta2:
Just replace wp-content/plugins/versionpress with the new version

From 1.0-beta1 and older:
It is recommended that you install VersionPress from scratch.

Known issues

A couple of minor issues with e.g. versioning menus or terms / categories are known which are planned to be fixed for the final 1.0 release.