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2.1 Release Notes

Our first point release addresses several issues in sync scenarios.

Released on 12-Nov-2015.

Note: this is an EAP release

Early Access is a period during which VersionPress is reasonably stable but still young, limited in scope and an external backup is recommended at all times. Learn more about EAP.

About point releases

We generally aim to release only major versions (2.0, 3.0 etc.) and their inevitable bugfix releases (x.0.1, x.0.2 etc.). However, there were things in 2.0 that we wanted to improve before 3.0 and were also bigger than just bug fixes, hence the minor version release.

New in 2.1

  • We no longer version-control rewrite_rules (#521) and {taxonomy}_children (#541) options as they can be regenerated. This fixes some merge conflict situations and also a performance issue in case of rewrite_rules.
  • The --name parameter of the vp clone WP-CLI command is now restricted to numbers, letters, hyphens (-) and underscores (_) to be as compatible as possible with the derived domain names, DB prefixes etc. (#530)
  • IIS / Windows Server issues were explored and documented. The System Info page now contains a separate section on permissions. (#522)
  • Fixed other small fixes:
    • Incorrect message with --url in 'vp clone' command (#518)
    • Cloning doesn't work when domain doesn't match the folder and --siteurl doesn't help (#519)
    • Delete vp_rest_api_plugin_version after deactivation VersionPress (#520)
    • "Discard changes" doesn't work with directories containing untracked files (#523)
    • Possible bug in vp_id query (#524)
    • Update definition files and fix clean build (#526)
    • Reverting option change leads to warnings (#538)

Upgrade notes

VersionPress 2.1 is not directly upgradable from 2.0.1 and previous versions, full re-activation is required. The recommended procedure is:

  1. Put the site under maintenance mode
  2. Deactivate VersionPress (just deactivate, do not uninstall)
  3. Delete the contents of wp-content/plugins/versionpress and extract VersionPress 2.1 there
  4. Activate & initialize the plugin again
  5. Disable maintenance mode

System requirements

General system requirements:

  • PHP 5.3.4 or later
  • WordPress 4.1 or later (should work on 3.9+ but it's only officially tested on 4.1+)
  • Git 1.9 or later
  • proc_open() enabled on the server

System requirements for sync / multi-instance workflows:

  • For 2.x, we recommend custom server / VPS as most hosting providers will pose further restrictions on creating site clones.