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This page should give you an idea of where we are and what is planned for the future. The order roughly represents our priorities.

  • ✅ Core versioning functionality (shipped in 1.0)
  • ✅ Automatic change tracking (shipped in 1.0)
  • ✅ Basic UI for historic changes (shipped in 1.0)
  • ✅ Rollback functionality (shipped in 1.0)
  • ✅ Selective Undo functionality (shipped in 1.0)
  • ✅ Synchronization functionality - core (shipped in 2.0)
  • ✅ Remove dependency on db.php (shipped in 2.0)
  • ✅ New GUI stack (JS + REST API) (shipped in 2.0)
  • Improved user interface (ongoing effort; major usability improvements shipped in 3.0)
  • Improved support for complex 3rd party plugins (this one is really important now, will be focus of 4.0)
  • Update mechanism (initial support in 3.0, more to come)
  • Multisite support (quite hard to do, contributors welcome :) )
  • Localization
  • Support for large sites (many improvements done in 2.0, some more might come in the future but it's not a priority at the moment)
  • Remove dependency on external Git processes (would be nice but quite hard to do in a host-independent way)