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As described on the installation page, VersionPress has stricter system requirements than vanilla WordPress – specifically, we require Git on the server and proc_open() enabled. This is for good reasons but also means that hosting is a bit of a challenge. Most of our early users run VersionPress on dedicated servers or VPS's that allow complete control and that's still recommended, however, there are also a couple of shared hosts that fully support VersionPress today.


The info here largely applies to the single-site features of VersionPress only. Version 2.0 added support for sync / team workflows that are even more tricky to support on a shared hosting. For those scenarios, VPS or a custom server is strongly recommended.

Supported hosts

Here are a couple of hosts that we or our users confirmed work fine with VersionPress:

Help us improve this list

If you know of a host that supports VersionPress please send a pull request.

Unsupported hosts

Here are some unsupported hosts for the moment. If you are their customer, please let them know that you'd be interested in VersionPress support – if they see more demand for it they might add support for it.

  • WP Engine – they have intentionally restricted environment that doesn't allow proc_open(). We acknowledge that WPE is important to our users and are actively looking into how to support it.
  • DreamHost
  • FlyWheel – they don't have Git installed