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1.0-beta2 Release Notes

Multiple scenarios are now better tracked but there have also been some important changes to what is stored in the repository and what is ignored.

Released on 16-Dec-2014.

Note: this is a beta release

Beta means approximate feature completeness but bugs might still be there and production use is discouraged. Always have a proper backup solution if you decide to use VersionPress at this stage.

Release details

Highlights of this release are:

  • Not all files versioned (.gitignore added). Previously, almost all site files (except small exceptions like the VersionPress .active file) have been versioned but there are exclude filters now. For example, the wp-config.php file is now ignored. Find the details at What's not tracked.
  • Better change tracking for various bits, e.g.:
    • Drafts
    • Featured images
    • Comment states (pending / approved etc.)
    • Term renames
    • Theme switching
    • VersionPress activation and deactivation
    • etc.
  • Undo now checks "foreign keys" constraints. For example, if you want to undo a post creation and there have been some comments to this post in the meantime, VersionPress will not allow that.
  • Undo and rollback messages are now more helpful. They used to be commit hashes only, now they indicates what was reverted or to which date.
  • Security review - making sure that VersionPress doesn't expose anything that wouldn't be otherwise accessible via the standard WP mechanisms.
  • Git 1.9 is now minimum required version. Issues were identified by our users on version 1.8 and earlier.
  • Bug fixes

Usage notes

System requirements for this release are:

  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • WordPress 3.8 or later
  • Clean installation of WordPress – you can then try to install some simpler 3rd party plugins but this whole area is quite volatile at the moment
  • Git 1.9 or later (new in this release, issues were identified with 1.8 and older)
  • proc_open() enabled
  • No existing wp-content/db.php file

Upgrade from previous versions

Please do a clean installation if you can. If you want to upgrade from beta1, create a temp site first, install VersionPress there, copy the generated .gitignore from there and remove the locations specified in the .gitignore from your repository manually.

Known issues

No major issues are known at the moment; some smaller ones need to be ironed out before the 1.0 release.