3.0.2 Release Notes

More reliable REST API response handling. Released on 22 July 2016. Release blog post.

Note: this is an Early Access release

Early Access is a period during which VersionPress is reasonably stable but still young, limited in scope and an external backup is recommended at all times. Learn more.

New in 3.0.2

This release fixes 3 issues via 2 pull requests. Main changes are:

  • Malformed REST API responses, e.g. because of PHP notices, are handled better by the client-side, JavaScript code. #1074
  • Fixed "Click here to show [uncommitted] changes" bug introduced in 3.0.1. #1073

Update notes

The best way to update from 3.0 or above is to run this WP-CLI command:

wp vp update /path/to/versionpress-3.0.2.zip

If you're updating from an older release or cannot use WP-CLI, full reactivation is required, see Update.

System requirements

General system requirements:

  • PHP 5.6.0 or later
  • WordPress 4.4 or later
  • Git 1.9 or later
  • proc_open() enabled

System requirements for sync / multi-environment workflows:

  • Custom server or VPS is recommended.